First settled in 1749 by Captain John Gorham on orders from Governor Edward Cornwallis of England to establish a military fort named Fort Sackville; Lower Sackville is now one of the fastest growing communities in Nova Scotia. In 1996, Lower Sackville, along with Bedford, Dartmouth & Halifax and some surrounding areas amalgamated into one large municipality – the HRM, or Halifax Regional Municipality. 

 Recreational pursuits in the Lower Sackville area are varied. Sports fields, tennis courts, baseball fields, parks, swimming pools, gyms, arenas and a modern sports stadium help make Sackville a friendly, healthy and family-oriented place to live. The majority of Lower Sackville's suburbs were built in the 1970s on the southern edge of First Lake which offers various outdoor recreational opportunities. A provincial park reserve borders the northern edge of Lower Sackville at Second Lake